Mothering Without a Map

The MOTHERING WITHOUT A MAP paperback edition includes a Reader's Guide. Use it as a personal retreat or to generate a discussion with a group.

--KATHRYN BLACK, PhD-- Psychotherapist, author, essayist, editor, lecturer

Kathryn Black, PhD, a psychotherapist practicing in Boulder, CO, writes books, magazine articles and essays. She also works as a consulting editor to writers and lectures and conducts workshops on writing. In her psychotherapy practice she see individuals and couples and offers support groups to parents.

In addition to being the author of Mothering Without a Map and the award-winning In the Shadow of Polio, her essays and articles have appeared in many national magazines.

Black, who was named the 1997 Author of the Year by the American Society of Journalists and Authors, lives in Boulder, CO, with her husband and children.

Join me in celebrating the good mother within YOU

Every mother longs to do well by her children.

But what about women who lack a strong model for their mothering? How are they to become the good mothers they aspire to be?

In Mothering Without a Map, a blend of memoir, research and women's stories, Kathryn Black offers the good news that one doesn't have to have had a good mother to become one. There are other paths to discovering the good mother within.

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