Mothering Without a Map

Kathryn Black


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I would love to share an article I read called Mothering in the Present Tense, however I can't locate it. If possible please share this article again. thank you!

Is this book available as an audiobook?

I read this book three years ago in the midsts of deep postpartum depression and it profoundly changed my perspective. I still think of sections often and re-read parts. Thank you for the clarity and the hope.

I am writing to thank you sincerely for your book, Mothering Without A Map, which I have just stayed up all night reading. I feel as though--literally overnight--something in me has been healed. I know that I will return to it again and again as I embark on my own mothering journey.

Just saw that someone is writing a parentless parenting book. It was so interesting that I could identify with the author's experiences given that my mother is alive just not "here". My dad is deceased. Made we want to come straight over here and thank you again for this book. It was, along with the works of Alice Miller, my salvation. I am truly a parentless parent, who has mothered without a mother role model. Your book provided the validation that has helped me come to accept that I did not have nor will Iever have a traditional mother and my kids will never have a warm, nuturing grandmother.

Kathryn, your book is wonderful. I am almost finished reading it--I've been taking my time savoring it because I get so much out of it and also because my girls keep me busy. This is the first book I've read in 6 1/2 years. My fear is that my mother would be hurt and out gossiping with relatives about me if she knew I was reading this book; I have learned so far from your writings that her anger and her disloyalty are her own...they do not carry down to me. And it never will. I'm just trying to be a good mom to my little girls.

I read your book four times and have recommended it to many friends. Mothering Without A Map put my feelings into words so that I could deal with them intellectually. I am at peace with this portion of my life because of your insights into your own experiences. Thank you!

I feel like your book is an old friend I've been looking for since childhood.

Hi, I am a 'first-time mother' of twin sons. Often I feel like the boys are one step ahead of me so I am eager to learn about mothering. Mothering Without A Map has proven immensely helpful to me in identifying how my own upbringing affects my mothering. To me, other parenting books seem to focus on how-to and what to do prior to a child or a certain stage. Mothering Without A Map focuses on working with what you have and were given and where to go from here. I am a mom who is willing to ask questions and also one who is willing to being transparent in order to learn and progress which seems key in Mothering Without A Map. The qustion and difficulty to me is How do you find authentic moms who may be willing to 'go there' - in the sense of such a tough topic, rather than just discussing types of diapers and baby food, etc.? I would love to hear if anyone has an idea on this question. The encouraging thing to me is how Kathyrn Black has proven it can be done. Moms can explore and deal with who they are and yet be very successful and happy with the families they create and mother! Sincerely, MMT

I am in the process of reading your book and I can't tell you how it mirrors my childhood and life. I have cried a million tears and yet find comfort in your book.

I've bought 3 copies. One is for me, one is for my therapist, and I'm not sure who to give the last one to but there will be someone, I know.

I think you have discovered and synthesized an aspect of female psychology that will keep a number of therapists busy for some time!

Your book has impacted me profoundly and I believe you have captured the essence of a pervasive phenomenon that affects, disaffects and potentially enlights many mothers.

Now I think I need to send each of my three sisters their own copies!

There is so much content that reasonates with my own experiences as a child and now as a mother. I also know from my professional work as a psychologist and management/organizational consultant that women who have been undermothered are at risk of having their success, satisfaction and relationships compromised on the job.

Thank you for bringing so much insight and benefit to me (and many other women) as a result of your own journey and early experiences.

Thank you for sharing all those wonderful lives with us, your readers.

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